A bit more about me: Freediving

I usually talk about the intersection between neuroscience and nutrition. Today, I want to add a personal touch and share another passion of mine: FREEDIVING.

Freediving is more than just a sport for me. It is a form of meditation and a journey towards self-discovery. It is a place where I can disconnect from the noise of the world and connect with myself.

Freediving has its share of neuroscience aspects as well. Holding your breath and diving deep triggers the diving reflex, a fascinating physiological response. During this reflex, your heartbeat slows down, and blood redistributes to vital organs, including your brain. This allows us to stay underwater for extended periods, although not as long as other mammals like seals or dolphins! This reflex also has a calming effect on the mind.

Freediving has taught me valuable life lessons about facing fears, pushing boundaries, and the importance of mental clarity. These lessons are not just applicable in the sea but also in our everyday lives.

I believe in the importance of finding something that makes us feel alive. Our passions contribute to our identity.

How have your passions impacted your life?

One of my favourite spots for freediving (PV, Mexico)