Neuroinflammation – an infographic

Today, I want to share an infographic on neuroinflammation, factors that may influence it, and strategies that may contribute to brain health.

This infographic is based on recommendations and ongoing research I have encountered as a neuroscience researcher and dietitian. There is always room for improvement, so I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

While I am passionate about the intersection between neuroscience and nutrition, as you will see, other factors may also influence neuroinflammation. Everybody is different. Therefore, some strategies may work for some people or need to be tweaked. I am more than happy to discuss more on this.

Because neuroinflammation is often associated with neurodegenerative diseases, understanding this complex process becomes crucial in preventing and tackling these conditions. Kudos to the ongoing research that continues to unravel the mysteries behind neuroinflammation.

Happy reading, and enjoy your weekend.

(Infographic created with Canva Pro)